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HTML5 Powered
The future is here. Let's make some games!

Jaws is a Javascript Game Engine

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How To Learn JS

Oh hi.

I've been doing a lot of minigames & participated in various game compos.

I've been developing a ruby gamedev lib for a couple of years.

I love making games and is very excited over hardware accelerated JavaScript gfx.



Why JavaScript?

If you're making a game in JavaScript you're coding for the future. Web technologies move with an amazing speed. People start to expect no-download, no-install instant game play. JavaScript has been called "the most misunderstood language in the world", and I think that's a very accurate description. It's still "the language you make popups with" for many people. Which now a days is very far from the the truth. My prediction is that JavaScript will be The most important language to know for at least 5-10 years forward.


Jaws uses many of the new amazing technologies that's HTML5. - Canvas-tag for graphics - Websockets for networking - Audio-tag for in game music and sounds effects

Instant no-hassle deployment

Maybe the most exciting part of making a Jaws/JavaScript game is the easy of deployment. No compilation. Instant cross-platform. And as phones/pads are getting more powerful, they'll run Your game in the future too.

Canvas and clean code

Jaws does all graphics operations via the new HTML5tag canvas. It's a straightforward and clean method in comparison to CSS/DOM-based sprites that many use today. I think it's a huge win if gamedevs can look through the jaws code and instantly get a grasp on it. The canvas-tag is hardware accelerated on Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4.0+, latest Chrome and most likely in upcoming Safari.